All operations of TRJFP Central have been suspended since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are planning a phased reopening of our community services, starting Wednesday 30th of June 2021.

We would like to thank all our volunteers, suppliers, customers and community partners for their ongoing support.


The Real Junk Food Project Central


Impact as of

March 2021

What our volunteers have achieved since we incorporated in August 2017 in our pursuit of improved food security.

282.2 tonnes


The amount of edible, in-date food our volunteers have saved from going to landfill, and used to feed bellies, not bins!


bellies fed

The number of meals our volunteers have cooked, prepared or given in food bags to people across the region.

40,693 hours donated

The amount of time our volunteers have given to support local communities and improve food security.


The Real Junk Food Project Central is a Community Interest Company established in August 2017. We intercept edible food destined for waste from supermarkets, restaurants and shops, and make it available for human consumption through our network of local, community cafes and food markets. Everything we do is always Pay As You Feel. You are welcome to pay for your food in cash, time, skills or imagination! We operate on a bottom-up philosophy, where local cafes and food boutiques are run by representatives of their community.

All operations of TRJFP Central are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit our social media sites for the latest updates on how we are responding to food security needs in the West Midlands..

Pay As You Feel

At TRJFP Central, the food really is Pay As You Feel! We believe that everyone has something to offer, but that doesn't have to mean money. You decide the value and form of your payment; we appreciate everything!

Our customers can pay for their food in time, cash, skills of imagination. Hover over each payment to find out more!


Pay with your time!

We're always looking for great volunteers who have what it takes to change the food system.


Pay with your cash!

You decide the value of your food. We don't need to know how much or why!

Place Setting

Pay with your skills!

Running a social enterprise requires a team with great knowledge.

Abstract Splash

Pay with your imagination!

Customers have sung, recited poetry, and  donated homegrown foods for their lunch!