What we do

The Real Junk Food Project Central was incorporated in August 2017 in response to a growing need to address food insecurity in the West Midlands. We believe that access to good quality, nutritious and healthy food is a basic human necessity, and we want to bring communities together through the sharing of food.

We intercept food destined for waste from supermarkets, restaurants and the catering industry, and make it available for human consumption. Operating a chain of community cafes and food boutiques throughout Birmingham and the Black Country, every we do is on a "Pay As You Feel" basis. You are welcome to pay for your food with your time, cash, skills, or imagination!

At The Real Junk Food Project Central, everyone is welcome and no one is ever turned away.

How we do it

Our Company Policy informs our volunteers, customers and partners of what they can expect from The Real Junk Food Project Central, how we make responsible decisions, respond to challenges and uphold our values. Please contact us for further information about compliance.

The Real Junk Food Project Central

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