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Our response to COVID-19

TRJFP Central acts upon the guidance of the World Health Organisation. Our volunteers are keeping updated on the latest COVID-19 developments, and taking necessary actions to protect our customers. Please help them keep everyone safe by following their instructions.

How can I help?

How can I help?

Pay for a meal!

It costs us to collect and distribute food. At this time, some of our vulnerable customers cannot afford to make a donation for their meal.

Can you make it for them?

Click the image to pay for a meal!

Donate food!

Our food supply is could run out at any minute. If you have good quality, edible food of any kind, please consider donating it to us to pass on.

Do you have food to spare?

Give us stuff!

We need bags, takeaway containers, cling film, tin foil, plastic tubs - anything to contain food to offer a takeaway service to people in need.

What stuff can you give us?

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