Do you have what it takes to make waste food history?

The Real Junk Food Project Central relies entirely on the hard work and support of our team of junk food warriors. If you've got some spare time and want to get involved, why not find out more about become one of our volunteers?

You'll make some great new friends and have the opportunity to decide how your local community takes control of its local food system. Our volunteers are also offered funded training opportunities, and nationally recognised qualifications. When paid work opportunities become available, they are only offered to our existing volunteers.

Find out how to become a volunteer below!

As a Community Interest Company based on bottom-up community development principles, all decisions about new volunteers are made by our local teams at sites across the West Midlands. If you're interested in becoming part of Team Central, we invite you to join us for lunch or shopping at one of our cafes or boutiques to speak to the team leader!

Not all of our sites currently require volunteers. We apologise if your nearest cafe or boutique is not currently recruiting.

The Real Junk Food Project Central

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